Computational Imaging Research

Botond Fazekas, MSc

Doctoral Research Scientist
Christian Doppler Laboratory for Artificial Intelligence in Retina
Department of Ophthalmology and Optometry
Medical University of Vienna
Email: botond.fazekas(at)
Phone: +43 1 40400 67600
Office: Rektoratsgebäude (Building 88, floor 2, room 206)


Botond Fazekas obtained his BSc in Software Engineering and MSc in Computational Intelligence from the Vienna University of Technology. During and after his graduation he worked for several years as a freelancer contractor for different Austrian and German companies leading large-scale software development projects as a software architect, besides working on research projects focusing on predictive maintenance for locomotives and high-speed computer vision solutions for train pantograph certification and safety evaluation. He joined the research group as a research engineer in 2020 to pursue an academic career and he started his PhD studies in 2021.

Research Interests:
 – Medical Image Computing
 – Machine Learning interpretability