Computational Imaging Research

"feelimage / Matern"

Dmitrii Lachinov, MSc

Doctoral Research Scientist
Christian Doppler Laboratory for Artificial Intelligence in Retina
Department of Ophthalmology and Optometry
Medical University of Vienna
Email: dmitrii.lachinov(at)
Phone: +43 1 40400 66143
Office: BT72, 17. floor, room 72.17.13


Dmitrii Lachinov is a Ph.D. research scientist at the Medical University of Vienna. He received a BSc and MSc degree in Computer Science from the Lobachevsky State University of Nizhny Novogrod. Dmitrii participated in the interdisciplinary project, where he did heart vessel segmentation and template registration. During his MSc studies, Dmitrii was an exchange student at Sungkyunkwan University. After he defended a thesis on the point set registration, he joined the Intel as an intern and then as a Deep Learning Research Engineer. In 2019 Dmitrii joined the Optima Lab.

Research Interests:
 – Medical Image Analysis
 – Computer Vision
– Deep Learning