Software Development

Oliver Leingang, PhD

Head of Research Engineering
Department of Ophthalmology and Optometry
Medical University of Vienna
Email: oliver.leingang(at)
Phone: +43 1 40400 66173
Office: BT72, level 16, room 72.16.13


Oliver Leingang obtained his PhD in mathematics from the TU Wien in 2019 after graduating as BSc and MSc at University of Vienna. His thesis was focused on structure preserving numerical schemes for partial differential equations with applications to cross-diffusion and chemotaxis systems. Currently, his main interests are the statistical and machine learning driven analysis of medical (image) data.

Research Interests:
– Data analysis
– Computational Retinal Image Analysis
– Partial differential equations and their applications

Selected Publications:
A. Jüngel and O. Leingang. Blow-up of solutions to semi-discrete parabolic-elliptic Keller-Segel models. Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems – B24(9) (2019), 4755-4782.

A. Jüngel and O. Leingang. Convergence of an implicit Euler Galerkin scheme for Poisson–Maxwell–Stefan systems. Advances in Computational Mathematics 45, no. 3 (2019), 1469-1498.

A. Jüngel, O. Leingang and Wang, S. Vanishing cross-diffusion limit in a Keller–Segel system with additional cross-diffusion. Nonlinear Analysis, 192 (2020), 111698.